A Silent Escape – “A Silent Escape”

A Silent Escape – “A Silent Escape” (www.asilentescape.com)

Get ready for the big one. From the ashes of Sweden’s Union Square comes A Silent Escape, who fuse punk pop vocals with In Flames guitar power melodies and Guns N Roses soloing! With over 11 years experience already under their belt, I wouldn’t say A Silent Escape are exactly new to this and the breathtaking confidence at which they belt out songs like ‘Final Chapter’, ‘God’s A Liar’ and ‘My Habit’ reflects those years as well as their talent to include some piano and electronics craftily without giving the game away. As Union Square only folded for contractual reasons with Warner (a major label no less), A Silent Escape is pretty much the continuation of a band that won best unsigned act from Bandit Rock (Sweden’s biggest rock radio station), MTV Sweden & ZTV!

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