A Silent Escape – “Black Heart”


A Silent Escape – “Black Heart” (www.asilentescape.com)

Formerly known as Union Square, a well known Swedish band with some 11 years on the punk / metal circuit, A Silent Escape were named after being formed in secrecy given the label and contractual problems the band were having at the time. With their self titled debut receiving critical acclaim last year,  the band have forged on, despite having to deal with member drug problems along the way hence their reflective sophomore album title. Playing mello core, there is certainly a heartfelt vibe to some of their songs, but otherwise these guys come charging out with some of the best melodies since In Flames, backed by uplifting pop vocal harmonies on songs like ‘Gagball’, ‘Speed Of Light’ and ‘Frozen Blood’. Vocalist Patrick Stenborg can scream all he wants to – he may have one of the hoarsest throats in Sweden – but it all plays like a bullfight with his beast dancing with the matador like guitars of Joel Nilsson and Eddie Hanlsa in this spellbounding album that is sure to set plenty of young hearts afire.

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