A STICK AND A STONE ”The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost”

”The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost”
(Sentient Ruin)

Battle Helm Rating

I only know of Oregon from the movies and series I’ve watched but I guess it is no different a place like the Swedish forests. You just got to leave the city and step into the woods to enter a whole different universe. Away from the stress of the city and into the calm of nature. It is no wonder that the forest is so full of creatures good and evil. You can feel it when you wander in it. And when I listen to this the third A STICK AND A STONE album I can really feel like I am in the woods alone, only surrounded by the creatures living there. There is a transcending, almost esoteric feel to this. I get more Norwegian vibes from this than US. It would not have been totally off if this had come from Norway in the late 90s when Atrox and 3rd And The Mortal and a whole host of similar bands emerged. As I am a sucker for the melancholic and mysterious this is right up my alley. Anders Ekdahl

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