”Gorgos Goetia”
(Forbidden Records)
it doesn’t seem that long ago that A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL appeared on a split. Now it is time for a new full length album. What at a quick glance might seem like a Darkthrone clone is upon closer inspection so much more. This is black metal from a US band that is so non USBM (or perhaps not) that you can come without it being less true. On this album we are treated to 70 minutes of black metal. This is the kind of black metal that could easily be labeled rubbish by those not knowing any better. But to us aficionados this is raw, primitive and very invigorating black metal. You get a very claustrophobic feel from this. The music is so basic that you are forced into a universe from which there is no escape. Listen closely and you’ll pick up on all the small nuances and that way find an escape from the universe that is A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL. Anders Ekdahl

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