“The Outsider”
(Forbidden Records)
A Transylvanian Funeral have all the old Darkthrone aesthetics going for them. The b/w cover, the crude black metal sound and most importantly the raw black metal that made those early Darkthrone albums so interesting. While not being close to original I still find the kind of black metal that ATF play to be worth investing time into. There is something very basic and primal about it that appeals to the more Neanderthal bits of me. Not that I want to go out and beat a Christian or torch a church. More along the lines of feeling secluded and stripped of all emotions. The feeling of rawness that I get from listening to “The Outsider” is the perfect antidote to the stressed out life of modern man. When the burden of life becomes too much out comes the most basic and primal black metal to ease that burden. A Transylvanian Funeral manages to calm my nerves in a most satisfying way. Anders Ekdahl

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