Abaddon Incarnate – “Pessimist”


Abaddon Incarnate – “Pessimist” (Candlelight Records)

The return of the Irish gods of grind! Formed in the early 90s, Abaddon Incarnate went on to win the MTV battle of the bands UCD 1995 before releasing their highly acclaimed album “Nadir” in 2001. A band that has pretty much toured everywhere worldwide including being the first Irish metal band to tour Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, live is where these guys are at, and that’s certainly the feel to this album despite its morose name – it’s as close to seeing the band live and full credit has to be given to the production, which manages to keep it in the quality bracket despite the band’s extreme racket. Despite being on a label with a legacy in black metal, “Pessimist” is probably closer to “Nadir” and definitely the best grind core album I’ve heard this year – literally – thanks to that aforementioned superior production that takes nothing away from the blurring blast beat drumming and old school filthy guitars chainsawing punk grind riffs while being kicked in the bollocks by the distorted bass. With the band seemingly sharing the vocals they are nothing short of breathtakingly extreme ranging from aggro barking to death growls to hysteria shrills – often simultaneously – making the 13 tracks like ‘Aborted Genesis’, ‘Morbid Epiphany’ and ‘Funeral Hag’ heart stoppingly intense to say the least! With heaps of experience under their belts, Abaddon Incarnate have taken the best of old schools of UK grind crust and mixed it with some Scandi grind death to come out with their 5th full length which is nothing short of a grindcore masterpiece – and one of the most extreme albums sound wise you’ll ever hear!!

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