”Liber DCLXVI”
I only know of Aleister Crowley from the Ozzy song. I can’t say that it gave me any greater interest in anything esoteric or philosophical but as a myth builder it sure is a great source. I have no idea what ABBEY Ov THELEMA is all about as this is my first encounter with this Balkan black metal mob. I kinda expected this to be along the lines of Dimmu Borgir but this is so much more chaotic than that. This kinda makes Deathspell Omega seem like a pleasant stroll in the park. Talk about avant-garde. But beneath all the chaos there is a black metal that n parts can be listened to without getting a headache. Listening to this kinda feels like having Stendhal’s syndrome. This isn’t the kind of album that you get into on the first listening. It will take a couple of spins just to get accustomed to. Getting to understand it will take even more time. I’m just at the beginning of getting to understand this. Anders Ekdahl

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