(Finisterian Dead End)

Battle Helm Rating

I was so super stoked after having heard the debut ABDUCTION album that I almost named it black metal album of the year. Now I sit here with the latest album, third album and I’m almost feeling nervous about listening to it. What if it isn’t as good as the previous ones? I guess there is just one way to find out. I hadn’t had to worry. This is as good as I hoped it would be. If you like me hold Emperor’s albums “In The Nightside Eclipse” and “Anthems to The Welking At Dusk” as some of the greatest symphonic black metal albums ever you’ll like this too. This follows in that tradition but with the added twist of a certain Frenchness. This to me is as close to perfection you’ll ever get. Sure, there are always small things to improve on but as a whole this is close to Nirvana for me. Anders Ekdahl

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