ABDUNOR “Apocryphal”

ABDUNOR might have taken a very long time to get their debut album released but that doesn’t really matter. You could have formed yesterday or 17 years ago. What matters is what you do with the music. This could be the greatest record never released or just a walk in the park. I love black metal in all its shapes and forms but at times I get a feeling of there being very little variation on the theme. ABDUNOR isn’t a bad black metal act. It is just that I feel like I’ve heard this type of black metal so many times before that it all starts to come together as one band. If you can imagine a more symphonic version of Immortal you will get an idea of where to find ABDUNOR’s black metal. And as I’m a huge Immortal fan I find this to be well worth my time. Anders Ekdahl

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