ABHORRENCE “Megalohydrothalassophobic”

” Megalohydrothalassophobic”
(Svart Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Man, this is classic Finnish death metal. I remember this band from back in the fanzine days. I might even have owned their debut demo “Vulgar Necrolatry” back in the day. I was stupid enough to trade my whole demo collection for some CDs back in the day simply because I didn’t have room for it. Now I regret that move. But getting to hear this new album by ABHORRENCE sorta make up for that loss. This is old school death metal. Old school as in new school because they were there at the beginning of the Finnish death metal sound. ABHORRENCE never managed to release a full length album but they sure carved a nice track in the Finnish death metal history. This is just an EP but right now I don’t care. This is so cool that I am at a loss for words. Anders Ekdahl

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