ABIGOR “Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition”

“Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition”
(Avante Garde)

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If ever there is a classic Euro black metal band then it has to be Austrian ABIGOR. Formed in 1993 this is a band that has been in my conscious for as long as I can remember yet I cannot really say if I have heard a full album by them until this year’s new one. Any which way. Here is now and with that “Höllenzwang – Chronicles Of Perdition”. I don’t know why but I expected this to be so much more forward and direct than it actually is. There is a slight avant garde feel to this that I had no anticipated. Not that I complain. This is dark and sinister and very much black metal. You cannot tell that this is a 24 year old band listening to this new album. They sound as fresh as a newly blossomed rose. Anders Ekdahl

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