ABIGORUM/STRIBORG “Spectral shadows”

“Spectral shadows”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

My life is hard. I have to review a split album. I don’t want to. No, I am not serious. I am just joking. There is nothing hard at all with this split. You get two bands that compliment each other well. I am not that familiar with either although I know more of STRIBORG than I do of ABIGORUM. We get 4 ABIGORUM tracks and one STRIBORG. This is ambient black metal, if that says anything to you. ABIGORUM are the more black metal of the two but they do have an ambient aura to their music. STRIBORG is a strange beast that I haven’t really gotten down yet. And I feel that I won’t either after this encounter. A nice split it is though. Anders Ekdahl

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