Abolition A.D. – “After Death Before Chaos”


Abolition A.D. – “After Death Before Chaos” (Pulverised Records)

Nihilistic crust core from the capitalist island state of Singapore! Despite its pristine, structured, almost utopic society clearly there lurks a dark underbelly no better exemplified than by the grim music of Abolition A.D. On the face of it, 4 typical nerdy looking Singaporeans – that is until the bile of songs like ‘Enchanted Land’, ‘After Death Before Chaos’ and ‘Medieval Minds’ spews forth! Ugly, hoarse guttural vocals courtesy of bassist / vocalist Muhd Azri sets the tone for the distorted twin guitars of Fadzly and Azhari who conspired to pummel the senses when not teasing our minds with the insanity of their simple but twisted melodies. With Farhan’s dull drums completing the depressing assault, Abolition A.D. achieve their aim of being the very antithesis that their futuristic city state strives so ardently to be – it’s amazing the ever watchful Singaporean government hasn’t shut them down! Still, until they do, we can but only appreciate the 7 tracks that revel in the apocalypse to come as the band dextrously shifts from heavy metalcore to fusing black death thrash a la early Sepultura into a doom crust noise wrapper, tied off with primitive production that only adds to the stench of their sweaty crust. With cover art conceptualized by Malaysian artist Amy Hamdan, and the layout done by Poland’s Kontamination Design (Morbus Chron, Ulcer, Exhale, Graveyard, etc) this debut is a milestone built in the pursuit of sublime chaos!

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