ABSENTIA “Our Bleeding Sun”

“Our Bleeding Sun”
(Malevolence Records)
That melodeath is the big is no secret. That melodeath has spread like a wildfire throughout the World we know all too well. So why not let yourself be swept away by a Spanish melodeath band? Metal knows no borders; we are all one huge nation. This wasn’t quite what I expected. This was so much better than my expectations. While still being melodeath AbsentiA take it one step further in not letting themselves being limited by the frame of what they play. So take the usual melodeath sound, add to it a big dose of symphonic metal and you get a pretty good idea of where we are heading in the company of AbsentiA. Don’t panic. It is still melodic death metal we are talking about. It is not some wayward journey into landscapes that only brings forth headaches and strange hallucinogenic imgase of Pegasuses flying before our eyes. This is pretty straight forward and easy to understand/digest. Just like any other melodeath album, but only so much better. Anders

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