I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older or just because I’m losing interest in certain things but I’ve lately found myself to be more and more ABSENT/MINDED. I forget things that I should have remembered. Band names keep slipping and don’t get me started on connecting person’s names to faces. Which is kinda why when I saw this band’s name I thought that I had already heard of them but I in hindsight I don’t think so. This is pretty new to me. ABSENT/MINDED is a German sludge band. Now this is what I associate with sludge. It is slower than time and it is dirty like the sewers. You won’t get any speeding tickets listening to this while driving. And at the same time this is so damn good that it doesn’t really matter that it feels like you don’t move at all when you listen to this. If you thought Crowbar were heavy then you haven’t heard ABSENT/MINDED. Anders Ekdahl

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