ABSORBED “Reverie”

I have no relationship to this band. They might have been big in some areas once upon a time but to me they are a total blank. But this retrospective 2CD release might correct that. I don’t even know what kind of metal to expect from them. This does sound old. There’s a thrash feeling to this with the added touch of a growler (kind of). As I have no relation to this I have no idea what to expect but I kinda thought that this was going to be somewhat cooler. But seeing as this is my first encounter with them I need some time getting accustomed to their metal. I guess that you could label this death metal with a thrashy feel if you like. But mostly I feel that this is thrash oriented. I feel that for me to fully appreciate the influence of this band I need to have been there from the start. I like what I hear but I don’t see the “legend” status, really. Anders Ekdahl

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