ABSTRACTER “Tomb of Feathers”

“Tomb Of Feathers”
I shouldn’t really be that interested in the black metal that is far off the beaten road but somehow I can’t resist stuff like Deathspell Omega. There is something to that kind of metal that pleases my very impatient mind. The trickier the better seem to be the motto when it comes to this kind of black metal. And although I simply love the minimalistic style of a Burzum album I too can find enjoyment in the jazziest of black metal. As for Abstracter. They could be either or. This is the kind of stuff that somehow falls between the seats. It’s neither as abstract as Deathspell Omega nor as minimalistic as Burzum. But as a combination of the two this work wonderfully. There is something to this that is pure evil in an entertaining way. There is an edge to it that simply speaks to a side of my metal heart that is not often touched. Anders Ekdahl

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