ABYSME “Strange Rites”

“Strange Rites”
I’m amazed at how many bands there are out there that I still have to discover. And more so amazed at how these bands seem to find their way onto records released from all corners of the World. It’s kinda like it was in the 80s with tape trading. You never knew where you’d end up once you had hopped on a trail. Even if you started in Europe you could end up in Japan or South America. With the help of Polish Hellthrasher I’m taken to the not so exotic US of A. I like the raw guitar sound that this album has. It adds to the old school feel of the music. This is very basic and cruel death metal. Almost like hearing South American extreme metal for the very first time. I can’t help but like it. Try imaging Hellhammer meeting Morbid Angel in a not so well lit alley and you might get an idea where this is heading. Anders Ekdahl

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