Accept – “Restless And Live”

Accept – “Restless And Live” 2CD / DVD (Nuclear Blast)

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WTF – 27 tracks?!?! Even for a touring heavy like the mighty Accept, that’s gotta be a record!! This is the entire set of the band’s 2015 performance at the prestigious Bang Your Head festival in Germany, and what a show man!!! Some might have called Accept dead after the departure of Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann in 2014, despite performing on Accept’s first album to debut at number one in the charts. Undaunted, co founders Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes recruited Uwe Lulis (Grave Digger, Rebellion) and session US drummer Christopher Williams – joining Mark Tornillo (Overkill, TT Quick) – effectively making the outfit now a US / German one. “Restless And Live” is certainly a testimony to this new line up, shedding any doubts on this faultless, note perfect performance showcasing songs from every aspect of the band’s career from ‘Flash Rocking Man’ to ‘Metal Heart’ to ‘Fast As A Shark’ and ‘Fall Of The Empire’. Additionally, the set list, rather than having all the classics at the end which typifies many a live release, actually mixes the material (deliberately I suspect) to show that while having new personnel, the song writing core of Hoffmann and Baltes has remained unfazed by the changes over the years and in fact, actually opens a new chapter in the band’s history. Quite probably Accept’s best live release ever, the energy and zest on “Restless And Live” has certainly got the band’s blood flowing – not to mention the crowds – and still attesting to them as a legendary live act not to missed.

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