Access Denied – “Touch Of Evil”

Access Denied – “Touch Of Evil” (Pitch Black Records)

While it’s more common these days to see female metallers fronting bands especially in the symphonic or gothic leagues, it’s still rare when it comes to straight up heavy metal bands. In Poland, where the scene is young, I would imagine that’s even more so?! However, Agnieszka Sulich is one such exception being the screaming front woman of Access Denied. In many ways she reminds me of Kate De Lombaert from the 80s Belgian HM band, Acid, both in her looks and her powerful yet sultry vocal style. As with Kate, Agnieszka’s vocals define themselves both in keeping pace, and excelling the music, which for the most part is meat n potatoes 80s metal in the Maiden or Priest vein judging by songs like ‘Messenger Of Death’, ‘Touch Of Evil’ and ‘Violence Of Mind’. “Touch Of Evil” is actually the band’s second album, given a new release by Pitch Black Records, and whilst Access Denied still have a long way to go before breaking out’ve their native Poland, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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