Ace Frehley – “Space Invader”


Ace Frehley – “Space Invader” (Steamhammer)

For those of you born in the last 20 years, ‘Space’ Ace Frehley was none other than Kiss’s original founding and arguably best loved guitarist who was the cornerstone of the band from 1974 to 1982. Since then he went solo or with his band Frehley’s Comet while still guesting on Kiss re-union tours over the years. Despite living up to his name of ‘space’ in more ways than one over the years, “Space Invader” – his first release in 5 years – sees a marked departure from anything trippy or cosmic although it certainly is out of this world having both a sound and with songs that are straight outta that original Kiss era! Right from that 70s guitar sound and his youthful vocals it’s like he’s back smoking Madison Square Garden in front of 18,000 fans in that futuristic make up and those platform boots – amazing! True Kiss fans are gonna love this cos it’s heavy and so much more rock n roll than he’s previously done, along with a clean and natural sound produced by the man himself, allowing songs like ‘Immortal Pleasures’, ‘Past The Milky Way’ and the strutting ‘What Every Girl Wants’ to take you – and Ace – right back to the days of the gargantuan opulence, decadent excess and sheer brazenness of 70s rock stardom. “Space Invader” takes you right there man, surrounded by a million groupies, and a million more waiting backstage as the sound of the fans threatens to bring the stadium down and all in mighty worship of the god of rock n roll. Like a breath of fresh air, Ace Frehley shows the world – and probably the galaxy too – that he’s anything but burned out. On the contrary, his dextrous guitar playing from his too-cool-fer-school solos to pure rock riffs and funky licks proves that he’s still very much the ‘Ace’ on this highly recommended album. Kiss should buy a copy…..

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