ACELSIA ” Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow”

” Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow”
(Quietude Productions)
There used to be a time when Norway wasn’t all about black metal. A time when a band like TNT was as hard and heavy as it got (and I don’t mean their debut album). Nowadays the more melodic hardrock has to take a back seat in Norway. Not that it necessarily has to be a bad thing. With no pressure to deliver the bands that deal in hardrock can trim the fat off in relative seclusion. ACELSIA might in parts remind you of bands like Evanescence or Flyleaf in that they move between the somber and the aggressive (sort of). But this is much more hardrock than those bands mentioned are. There is also a pop sensibility in a Björk kind of manner to this album. Or a harder The Cranberries if you like. All in all an album with a great crossover potential to balance out all the crap we get fed all the time. Anders Ekdahl

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