“Son Of No God”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

Apparently I really liked the previous album, that I wrote a rave review of it. Which kinda was stupid as I have set the bar really high for this one. What if I don’t like this as much as the previous one? Well, if I don’t then I don’t. I don’t know why I get a Slayer vibe from this because musically they are miles apart. But I do. I don’t know if I like this more than the previous one I reviewed but I do know that I like this a lot. At first I had an issue with the vocals but the deeper I got the less the vocals bothered me. It is not only Slayer that haunts me when I listen to this. I also get a Morbid Angel vibe. This is chaotic as hell and more intense than a Finnish sauna turned up to 11. Cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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