ACHERONTAS “Vamachara”

”Vamachara ”
(Agonia Records)
I have no memory of ever having come across Acherontas before but this is their 15 year celebration. “Vamachara” is black metal more in the style of Mayhem than Cradle Of Filth, more 90s old school than Venom old school. It does bring back memories of a time when the second wave of black metal was fresh and new. Nowdays you have to fight all the wannabes of with a sword and it is hard to separate the pretenders from the contenders. But there is something to Acherontas that catches my ear and makes me keep listening. Maybe not so new and fresh but still good enough to stand out in a positive way. It brought back memories of how it felt like the first time around. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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