(Red Cat Records)
Acid Brains made me think of an old British band from the 80s I think that played thrash metal but had a really lousy band name. Don’t know why this band chose such a moniker for the band but as they say; Don’t judge the band by its name. This could be the best thing since sliced bread, or it could be a rather dry and stale. I will not judge this band until I’ve have all the facts on the table. This is for sure nowhere close to thrash in any way. Instead it reminds me more of the power rock that Danko Jones or Hellacopters play. I simply love that kind of “stomping your feet” kind of hardrock. There is usually a groove to it that makes it hard to resist it. I get the same kind of vibes from Acid Brains. This is music for those of you who like Monster Magnet and bands like that. I think I’ve found a new fave in that genre. Great stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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