Acid King – “Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere”


Acid King – “Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere” (Svart Records)

San Francisco. Hippies. Harleys. Acid. All the essential ingredients to create the perfect stoner metal band. Well that’s what Lori S must’ve thought when she moved there almost 20 years ago, fed up with getting busted in Busse Woods outside of Chicago when she used to hang out listening to Sabbath, Zepp – and Cat Stevens. Named after satanic murderer Ricky Kasso, all the forces (both natural and unnatural) were place for Acid King to live up to their name from Lori’s haunting, hypnotic siren vocals to a monster guitar tone exuding fuzz like a bomb, dirtiness like a fat ass hog and reverb so thick you could lay a carpet from the Bay Bridge to Timbuktu. Joined by longtime drummer Joey Osbourne whose dull, but off the wall thudding is the perfect foundation adding even more heaviness, together they’ve gone thru more bassists than roaches, including Buzzoven’s Brian Hill, but now onto Mark Lamb of Scorched Earth Policy. Needless to say with such a spaced out, jammed out and balls out attitude creating free wheeling songs like ‘Infinite Skies’, ‘Coming Down from Outer Space’ and ‘Red River‘, Acid King’s ultra heavy stoner doom with tinges of psychedelia have made them the perfect road trio on massive support tours with Hawkwind, The Obsessed, Sleep, Fu Manchu and the Melvins – as well as being a particular hit at Euro summer festivals like Hellfest and Roadburn – to name but a few!! “Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere” is deep, moody and out rightly heavy so say you love Satan and bask in its awesome haze.

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