Acid Reign – “The Age Of Entitlement”

Acid Reign – “The Age Of Entitlement” (Dissonance Productions)
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If you grew up in the late 80s then you’ll know what this lot are all about! Bringing a mighty ‘M’ to the moshpit through their intense live shows, Acid Reign’s legacy came from their awesome charting debut “The Fear” and being a notorious touring band supporting Nuclear Assault, Dark Angel, Exodus, Flotsam & Jetsam, Death Angel and Candlemass across the UK and Europe! However, by the early 90s it was all over with the band members joining Cathedral, Cronos, Lawnmower Deth and in the case of vocalist H, being seen on the comedy circuit as “Keith Platt – Professional Yorkshireman”, which definitely suited the band’s down to earth silliness (at times). With rumours in 2014 surfacing of a reunion, H soon clarified that it was to be a ‘reboot’ given he was the only original member able to return to the band. Recruiting a new line up but taking almost 2 years to ensure ‘..everyone has Acid Reign in their DNA..’ has definitely paid off in this tremendous comeback in “The Age Of Entitlement” – the band’s first album in 24 years! With no loss of energy whatsoever, songs like ‘Ripped Apart’ do exactly that, returning the band to the days of en mass stage diving and furious pits propelled through driving thrash riffola, double bass drumming and a mix of punk as fuck vocals and matching shout outs. Showing their love of classic thrash with its jumping riffs on ‘My Peace Of Hell’ along with hammering beats, it’s actually the subtle melodies and overt solo displays along with H’s catchy, wailing vocals that prove why the demand for this band has never waned while ‘New Age Narcissist’ shows the band’s penchant for socio political issues is still very much evident in the brilliantly composed lines of ‘..I am a hammer..and life is a nail..’ while the satire is overflowing in the chanting of ‘ you see me, do you love me…’ before the massive chorus of ‘..everybody wants to be me!..everybody wants to be me!’ hits home amid a stream of thick power grooves topped off by some very swanky soloing. Indeed, with some of the songs over the 5 minute mark,  ‘Within The Woods’ is the album’s longest track at 8 mins and a chugging riff bruiser (thinking of Metallica’s might back in the day) yet graced by tons of shredding and equally melodic guitar work from the catchy twin guitars of Paul Chanter and Cooky throughout this epic piece – nice one lads! Definitely not a rehash nor a reformation, Acid Reign the reboot does exactly what it says on the tin once again.
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