ACOUSTIC ANOMALY ” Dominvs. Tinea”

” Dominvs. Tinea”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

As a band name ACOUSTIC ANOMALIES can give the wrong kind of message but it is once that you start thinking about it you realize how bloody clever the name really is. It is once you let go of the image of acoustic guitar wizardry that you can start expecting something grander. Ehh I don’t know how grand this is. I have a really hard time with anything being described as post. This to me is nothing that hasn’t been done before. Samael did it in 1994. Rammstein does it every day. Take some metal, mix it with a bit industrial vibes, sing in your native tongue and then call it post this or that and you got it made. Well not really but look beyond all this and you find a metal record that is half decent and very Russian. Anders Ekdahl

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