ACRANIA “An Uncertain Collision”

”An Uncertain Collision”
For some reason I have a very good eye towards the Mexican metal scene. I have had so since the 90s when I got in touch with a couple of people that were into the whole fanzine/label thing. That way I got to discover some really cool Mexican metal acts. That has continued on and off ever since. Now it is time to discover ACRANIA. Mexican death metal gives a whole new meaning to the term when you consider how many people that has been killed in the drug wars that is raging in the country. ACRANIA are thankfully only about death in music form. I usually don’t comment on the production but this time I gotta because it makes me wonder if they were aiming for a thrashier sound. Whatever the reasons are for the sound this has all the makings of a techno death metal album. Throw in some Latin influences in the mix and you got an album that sounds both chaotic and complicated. This one turned out to be a much more positive experience than I thought at first. Anders Ekdahl

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