ACxDC – “Satan Is King”

ACxDC – “Satan Is King” (Prosthetic Records)

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With a tongue in cheek title serving as a response to Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” album, “Satan Is King” is the antidote to excess, greed and mindless indulgence. Hailing from LA and taking inspiration from the bandana thrash movement of the late 90s, ACxDC, whose full moniker is Antichrist Demoncore, are a vicious mix of powerviolence, grindcore and hardcore punk that has seen them release a self titled debut along with a string of live releases, EPs, splits and compilations. Formed in 2003 when the members were still in high school, ACxDC have an aesthetic described as ‘…a strange blend of veganism, straight-edge and Satanism. .’. Led by the frenzied screaming and bestial roars of Sergio Amalfitano together in an unholy alliance with the rat shredding guitar of Edward Jason Oropeza, sewer festering bass of Ryan James Corbett and mental as fuck double bass drumming of Jorge Luis Herrera, “Satan Is King” is a wild ride – and that’s an understatement – with 15 short and nasty tracks breathing fire and venom relentlessly from start to finish! Whether it’s on ‘Mouth Breather’, with its initial skanking punk groove carpet bombed by napalm to the spanish death grind of ‘Matapacos’, the pace is relentless while on ‘Copsucker’ dirty twanging bass lines and pummeling drums provide the catchy d-beat to the feedback guitar sliding out punk as fuck riffs as Amalfitano screams his throat raw. Slowing down into the driving powerviolence of ‘Propaganda Of The Dead’, the massive grooves lure you in before blasting off into more whirlwind insanity while the ugly wailing guitar contrasted by thick dirty bass in a massive sound on ‘Ashes To Ashes’ is utterly malevolent. Careering back into punk insanity on ‘Back In Black Bloc’ with its hardcore shout outs and hard street riffing, the close of ‘Maggot Museum’ shreds you through its rabid vocals, while grinding simultaneously with its heavy as fuck guitars and bass soaked in thick reverb bringing this utterly intense affair to a merciful end – in fact, it’s all pretty much over before you even have time to recover!!

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