AD RUINAS ”Sampler”


Battle Helm Rating

It is a massive step to take to leave your homeland and move to a new country just to be able to play music. From The Vastland moved from a suppressive society to Norway to be able to play black metal. I don’t know why AD RUINAS decided to move to Sweden. But it will be interesting to see if the move has had any sort of impact on the sound. I don’t have access to both albums that AD RUINAS has released. I only got selected tracks from the albums but from what I hear this is technically very competent. Musically it could be described as tech death metal. But there are elements of other styles of metal as well as hints to classical music which makes it hard to just tag it in one specific genre. In a way this makes me think of another Devin Townsend project. It is that eclectic that it would fit in that man’s mind frame. Adrain R is a very competent musician with a strong vision. I’m looking forward to hearing the full albums after this. Anders Ekdahl

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