ADE – “Spartacus”

ADE – “Spartacus” (BLAST HEAD Records)

Wow – this should be the soundtrack to Spartacus the series man! Gladiatorial aggro death from Rome trampling all asunder just as their legions did in ancient times! ADE are the Italian equivalent to Amon Amarth, with hoarse vocals, furious chopping rhythms and battering drums courtesy of none other than George Kollias! Add in the roar of the mob, vestal virgin wailing and most of all, seductive ancient music played via lutes, pipes and mandolins and you are there in blood, sex and death of the Colosseum on battle hymns like ‘Decimate The Coward’, ‘Six Thousands Crosses’ and ‘Divinitus Victor’. ADE have achieved on this album what no other Italian band in history have managed – to create an epic sound befitting the awesome might of their ancient empire in all its majesty, furor and decadence. Now go bathe in its bloody splendor!

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