ADIMIRON ”Et Liber Eris”

”Et Liber Eris”

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band name that I fought was familiar to me but apparently I was wrong. But that is what my memory does to me. It makes me think that I am familiar with things that I am not. But aside from my totally messed up memory I am actually looking forward to hearing this album. I get a vibe that this Italian band has the ability to bring me some very somber and beautiful music. I like progressive when it doesn’t get too entangled in technicalities. When progressive is more of a feeling than anything else. And that is the vibe I get from this album. That I come to think of Tool is perhaps more a reflection of how old I am than anything else. But I could also have fought Opeth because that is where this album operates. Seeing them live must be a massive experience. Just standing there in front of the band with your eyes closed and letting them transport you away to alternate universes. If not a master piece then not too far from it. Anders Ekdahl

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