For reasons unknown to me I haven’t bothered to check out Adorned Brood even though I’ve known of them for ages. This is a band that was folk, pagan, heathen or whatever you like to call it way before it burst onto the scene like the bubonic plague. If you like bands like Folkearth, Arkona or any of the newer bands then this is the band for you. I might not know the difference between all the sub-genres but I know when I like something that I hear. And I like Adorned Brood. Which makes it even stranger why I haven’t bothered to check them out before. There is a depth to this band that I sometime miss with other bands in this genre. This is not just a full on blast. There is something more to it, an after-thought if you like. A reason for it to exist. Now I have to start digging backwards in their back-catalogue. Anders Ekdahl

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