ADVERSOR “Rise To Survive“

“Rise To Survive “
(Punishment 18 Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Sometime when you read the press pages that comes with the releases it is like I’ve lived under a stone for the last decade or so. Everything is so obvious in these releases that it feels like I’m new to metal and not a 30 plus veteran. But it is when the music starts that it starts to makes sense. Like with ADVERSOR, I don’t know anything of their past or how it came to be a band from it. That doesn’t really matter once the music starts. This is thrash at the harder end of the spectre. Kinda like what Kreator started to sound like with the “Terrible Certainty” album. This owe a hell of a lot to the first three Kreator albums in terms of sound. And that is cool in my ears. This one turned out a really cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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