ADVOCATES “Mindless”

(Ghost Music)
I’m not too familiar with this band or the label but somehow I still expect this to be good. Don’t know why but there is something about it that speaks to me. And not because they are from New Zealand but because my gut tells me so. I’m not usually much for following my gut but with this one I’ll give it a shot. But it did start out on a bad not. It sounded like some sort of really bad metalcore to my ears. But then it kinda dawned on me that the sound of ADVOCATES has its roots in Meshuggah’s off the edge metal. So what have here is another band that are heavily influenced by the Swedes. The more I listen to this the more glad I am that this didn’t turn out to be another metalcore band (I know that I use metalcore as a bad word but I’ve yet to be fully converted). This is the kind of metal that requires you full attention for it to not end up all noise. Anders Ekdahl

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