AEGNIGMA “Into The Abyss”

“Into The Abyss”
(Ghost Record Label)

Battle Helm Rating

I have kinda high hopes on this one. Why I have no idea, but there is a vibe to this that tells me that this is gonna be another really cool Italian metal experience. And since I am a huge sucker for anything Italian metal it will take a lot to bring me down. Female fronted metal is not a genre per se, but a lot of bands get lumped together in this make-believe genre. I for one find it somewhat useful knowing that it is a female fronted band as I have always been looking for that kinda band to listen to. Italian AENIGMA have a vocalist that at times do remind me of a lighter Sharon from Within Tempation, my all time fave band in the gothic metal genre. AEGNIMA are more towards the symphonic side of things that they are goth but this is a strong album that I have fallen for. Anders Ekdahl

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