AEGRI SOMNIA ”Ad Augusta Per Angusta”

”Ad Augusta Per Angusta”
(Symbol Of Domination)

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I don’t know from what part of Spain AEGRI SOMNIA comes from but I suspect that the folklore differs depending if you Catalonian or Basque or Andalusian or from any other part of Spain. And since I know very little about Spain at all it is hard to tell where they are from just from the folk metal that they play. But had I not known that they are Spanish I would have thought them to be from Northern Africa. They have that Islamic feel to their music that you find in southern Spain. As much as I like what I hear as much do I wonder what the hell it is that I am listening to. And the fact that I couldn’t find them on Metal Archives makes me even more confounded. But it is a very interesting album even though I don’t understand where they are coming from. Anders Ekdahl

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