Aeon – “Aeon’s Death”

Aeon – “Aeon’s Death” (Metal Blade)

Frictionless death metal played by a buncha Swedes who strangely shy away from their own brand of Swe-deth instead preferring the warmer climate of Florida no less! From Tommy Dahlström’s guttural Cannibal Corpse vocals to the Morbid Angel-esque techo riffing and hyper speed Sandoval drumming, songs like ‘Garden Of Sin’, ‘Neptune The Mystic’ and ‘Nothing Left To Destroy’ are delivered with matching precision brutality. The circle of hate is completed by their fiercely anti-Christian lyrics (allegedly from Dahlström’s childhood harassment suffered at the hands of Jehovah’s Witnesses) so much so that when he hoarsely barks ‘…where’s your savior, where’s your God?…’ it’s enough to make Deicide quake in their boots – buy n fry!

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