ÆTHESTICA ”Sonorous Æon”

”Sonorous Æon”
(Esetiske Studier/Diger Distro )

Battle Helm Rating

I am not going to say that Norway’s ÆTHESTICA are late bloomers because the music they play is already old. The kind of music they play is pretty timeless. This is doom in the black Sabbath school of things to do. If doom to you starts and ends with Candlemass you better stay well away from this. if you on the other hand like your doom 70s tinged and a bit repetitive then you should check this out. I guess you could stretch as far as saying that there is a stoner vibe to this but this is so much more the concrete deserts of Oslo than it is the Sonoran desert of California. But it does work in both environments, it is that spacey and stoned. I would like to think that since I was born in the 70s I have that vibe in my DNA. The vibe that makes me give my stamp of approval to anything even slightly resembling the 70s (but only if it is good – boy have I heard loads of crap 70s stuff too). This gets my stamp of approval. Anders Ekdahl

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