AFFÄIRE “Neon Gods”

“Neon Gods”
(Raging Planet)

Battle Helm Rating

AFFÄIRE is a Portuguese hardrock band that from the sound have stolen all their moves and licks from the 80s. I am not saying that that is a bad thing. I am old enough to remember and return to the 80s more often that I really like to admit. This is the stuff that dreams used to be made of. And it was good back in the day and it is still good today, even if it is made in 2017. I cannot find anything to complain about listening to this. In fact it puts a big ass smile on my face, and that to me is a sign that AFFÄIR is doing something right. I might even enjoy this too much to save my metal cred but hey, I don’t really care if I am hip or not, not when the music is this good. Anders Ekdahl

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