AFFLICTON GATE “Last Night Wandering”

“Last Night Wandering”
(Forgotten Wisdom)

Battle Helm Rating

It is with a certain degree of sadness that I take on this new record from French death horde AFFLICTION GATE. This is the very last we will ever hear from the band. Prior to the released of this the band disbanded and are no more. I have over the years been lucky enough to have been able to experience the full on assault that AFFLICTION GATE’s death metal has been. With that, and the fact that they are no more, I prepare to let this one roar. The last four tracks we will ever hear from AFFLICTION GATE offer up good old death metal in the style of early Grave and Bolt Thrower. Heavy as fuck and with a groove that will mangle anything that comes in it its way. This is pure fucking hell. Rest in Peace AFFLICTION GATE. You will be be missed. Anders Ekdahl

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