”In Darkness”
AGATHODAIMON is a band that I think I’ve reviewed before but it was a very long time ago. I can’t say that they made a lasting impression on me back then because I’ve not returned to them since then. But I could have been wrong back then. As I have no recollection of what AGATHODAIMOLN sounded like the last time I heard them this will be like starting anew for me. I kinda remember them to be blackish in their approach to metal but what kind of black metal it was escapes me. There is a symphonic feel to the metal of AGATHODAIMON. I get a Dissection/Borknagar vibe listening to this. Old school without it being retro in all the wrong ways. Having heard this new album I get an urge to go looking for the back catalogue. If those albums are anything like this I have missed out on a great band. Don’t you do the same mistake. Anders Ekdahl

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