Agent Cooper – “From The Ashes”

Agent Cooper – “From The Ashes” EP (Binary Recordings / Universal)

Anyone familiar with Stuck Mojo’s Rich Ward will know what a funky, kick ass character ‘The Duke’ is. Agent Cooper is made up of the cream of Atlanta’s rock talent who spent the decade recording and touring with Fozzy and Stuck Mojo. As eclectic as they sound, these guys play a contemporary rock n prog mix drawing its inspiration from 70s Queen and Genesis on tracks like ‘Tornado Dreams’. However, being good ol’ Southern boys, and associates of ‘The Duke’, they also offer something special, real special in melding a southern rock element on songs like ‘Mother’ and ‘Misunderstood’ that adds some real soul and passion to a prog style not commonly associated with it. In that respect, Agent Cooper have pushed the boundaries of musical conventionality out’ve place, leaving us either appreciative, aggravated or just plain astonished!

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