”Years Of Abuse”
It is strange that whenever I interview an American black metal act they claim that there is no such thing as an American black metal scene. Yet we get to hear about this phenomenon called USBM, which according to the bands is an urban myth/legend. I guess that there really isn’t such a thing as cohesive USBM sound or genre. Not one band is the other the like when you get them on the turntable so to speak. AGES IN OBLIVION might in parts remind you of bands like Krallice of The Howling Wind but they do as much sound nothing like any other American black metal band you’ve heard. As I don’t really care that much for scenes I have no interest knowing if they fit in the USBM mould. All I care about is if I like what I hear and I do. There is a forward groove to this that makes it easy to listen to while not losing the depth of being black metal. That I can give the American bands. They know how to move the music forward. If that is a fault or a strength I’ll let you be the judge of. All I know is that I like this. Anders Ekdahl

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