AGGRESSION “Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash”

”Feels Like Punk. Sounds Like Thrash”
(Dissonance Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Man, this is classic Canadian thrash. If you are as old as me, you will know this band from the fanzines we read back in the 80s. Having released their debut album in 1987, after a couple of demos that were highly sought after, you were lucky to get your hand on said album on this side of the pond. I didn’t manage to do so, to my regret. Fast forward some 30 odd years and here I sit with a brand spanking new AGGRESSION album. And to my great pleasure this sounds like I remembered them from back in the tape trading days. This is old school thrash with that punk-ish vibe to it. In a way it reminds me of a more aggressive version of Overkill. This is some serious stuff, dude and dudettes. Anders Ekdahl

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