AGRESSOR “Satan’s Sodomy Of Death”

“Satan’s Sodomy Of Death”
(Grimm Distribution)

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This is classic French death/thrash. I for one remember them from back in the day and still to this day those memories stay with me even though it has been awhile since I last listened to them. “Satan’s Sodomy Of Death” compiles a bunch of demos on one CD. Hearing these tracks again after 30 odd years is like being taken back to a time when this type of metal was new and hated by most heavy metal fans. You can hear where AGRESSOR got their inspiration from. But that only makes this so much cooler. This is the real old school thrash/death metal and it can’t get any more authentic than this. I just sit here grinning like an undertaker. This is my youth. And pretty much who I am as a metalhead today. Anders Ekdahl

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