AHRET DEV “Hellish”

(Godz Ov War)

Battle Helm Rating

As far as band names goes this gotta be one of the easier ones to pronounce with any sort of accuracy. This to me sounds more like the name of a person than a band but what do I know. All that matters in the end is if it is any good or not. What they are called is secondary. If I am not too far off this is old school, as in it is an old recording, dating back to 1996. I totally missed out on this when it was originally released on tape back in 1997. Hearing it now 23 years later I gotta say that this doesn’t sound dated in any way. If that is because death metal hasn’t come further or I this band was ahead of its time I’ll leave unsaid. This is death metal the more technical way. The more Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse/Morbid Angel way than anything else. This is cool. Anders Ekdahl

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