AIRSPEED “Airspeed”

(Jolly Roger Records)
Just the band name Airspeed alone signals that this could be a ride to remember. This is heavy metal in the classic tradition. High wailing vocals, melodies aplenty and guitar solos. What more can you want? OK, so the production could have been a bit warmer but the rather rudimentary sound actually adds to the charm of this. This is a new band to me and I don’t know too much about them even though they seem awfully familiar to me but that doesn’t stop me from liking this album. Like I said, there is a charm to this that makes it hard not to like it. It’s almost an innocent approach, like if the band had started in the early 80s and just learnt how things work. Well worth checking out never the less if you like traditional heavy metal with a very 80s feel. Anders Ekdahl

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