AKPHAEZYA “Anthology IV (The Tragedy of N)”

“Anthology IV (The Tragedy of N)”
French Akphaezya is at best weird and at worst totally off the wall. This is metal that twists and turns more than an eel about to be captured. This is metal that is not for the faint hearted. This is metal for those of us who thinks Norwegian Atrox or 3rd and The Mortal are a blessing. This is metal that makes you take notice, not music you do the dishes to. Call it avant-garde, call it theatrical, call it abstract but please don’t call it bad because this is far from bad. This is so good that I just want to keep on playing it till my computer burns up. This is red hot and heavy in a totally different league. Mix a bunch of different ethnical influences and you end up with a mishmash that on paper might seem like a mess but on record works wonders for the mind. I have nothing but the greatest of awe for “Anthology IV (The Tragedy of N)”. Anders Ekdahl

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